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Defence Gloves

Defence Gloves

Material: Cow aniline,   Polyester linded, Rubber 3mm padded   Extended gaunt..

Material: Sheep leather   back side Nomex IIIA   (Nomex by DuPont USA)...

Material: Cow aniline, Polyester linded,   300 grams steel shots,   Shirred..

Material: Cow aniline,   Premium quality leather,   PU suede reinforcement &..

Material: Sheep semi aniline,   Premium quality soft leather   Polyester lin..

Material: Goat aniline leather,   with kevlar lined,   (by DuPont USA only)...

Material: Cow aniline leather,   Polyester linded, Padded for   additional ..

Material: Cow Aniline leather and   Palm potat leather with polyester lined   ..

Material: Goat Aniline leather   Palm with cow sweat leather   back side Eva..

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